About Ana

Hi, I’m Ana.

My goal in life is to help women achieve a greater state of happiness, and as we dedicate a big portion of our time working, why not create a business that fulfills you?

Having a marketing background and being certified in Entrepreneurship & New Venture Leadership by MIT, has allowed me to lead women all over the world develop new ventures and online businesses. 

My favorite part of online marketing and my work is building WordPress sites, email marketing, e-commerce, sales funnels, CRM, and seeing the effects these strategies have on my client’s when they achieve their goals! 

Apart from helping out women, entrepreneurs conquer their dreams, I also have a very fun relaxing life. I live in Costa Rica and love to travel this is why I created my business online. The love of my life is my dog Mischa, an adorable Sheltie that if you follow me on Instagram you will see constant pictures of her! You will always catch me with a cup of coffee in my hand, and on my free time, I will be reading a book or cooking.


Cups of Coffee

I love helping Entrepreneurs find their inner fire! Don’t be scared to light yours, the world needs more of your light!

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